Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time to change :(

Well tonight is the last night i get to spend in this house that has become my home and with this family that has become mine. I'm experiencing quite similar emotions to when i left Australia and i've really realised how difficult it will be to leave these people that have become some of my best friends. I feel such a strong conenction to these people and this place and it feels so strange moving again. Also, after spending the last hour and half trying to shove as many as my things in my suitcase as possible, i've realised how much stuff i have already accumulated and i'm not looking foward to trying to work out how to get all my things home at the end of the year...lucky i still have about 8 months befoer i have to think about that.

This past week has been quite busy with quite a lot of things going on. The weather here has been cold and wet this week but it's supposed to get better tomorrow for the weekend and i'm really glad of that because the cold really kills me. At school this week my class had their Bac Blanc Francais which is kinda their equivalent of the trial HSC. It was a four hour exam analysing poetry and i had a good go at it. I managed to write four pages in total in french and i think i understood the poems ok and answered the questions at least generally with the right answer...the essay on the other hand was kind of a different story since i wasn't there for most of their poetry unit and didn't know any of the texts. I've also started a geography assignment and my teacher has given me the job of researching an Australian city to present to the class. The rest of my class have to European metropoles but i get to do mine on Sydney yay!!!

Another thing that's happened this week is my host dad started to write a song for my host sister's 18th birthday. He's writing it to the tune of 22 by Lilly Allen and everyone has to sing at least one verse. My host dad has already written mine and i get to sing in english but my verse makes me laugh so much...i have to sing: I'm glad to kiss you and a happy birthday/so you become my soul sister/you know that it's true it's a very good The other funny thing is that since being here my host family think that i sing really well and my host brother always begs me to sing for him. My family at home would die of laughter if they knew that because i really can't sing at all.

Well today, being my last day with my wondeful host family, we had a special dinner. After school we went to the supermarket and bought all the ingrediants to make ANZAC biscuits (though we had trouble finding maple syrup of all things), works burgers with bacon and egg and a tropical fruit salad. All in all i spent about 30 euros on food and my host sister and i made the food. Everyone really enjoyed it and we had a good meal and i gave my family the card i wrote for the. After reading it my host dad said he would "keep it preciously" awww haha and Aymeric made me read it aloud to see my progress in french. I had a really good night!!!

Tomorrow i'm going to my counsellor's house at 12 for lunch and then we're going to the ROTEX weekend. I'm really looking foward to it this time because it will be good to see everyone again and we always do fun activities. Sunday when i get home i change families and then Tuesday i leave to go away with them for a week. Hopefully i can unpack and organise my things there before we go away.

Today i also had to have some identity photos taken in a photo booth because when i change host families i will be taking the bus to school every day. I'm quite looking foward to this because i've never taken a bus to school before so it will be something else new to expereince.

Well it's pretty late and i'm tired so i might leave it at that...might be awhile before i manage to get back on and post because of the change of families and holidays etc.

One last thing before i go...i'd like to wish my mummy a very very very Happy Mother's Day. Mum i love you so much and thank you for everything you have done for me in my life. I can never thank you enough for helping me to become the person i am today and i could never have a better mum. I miss you so much and think about you all the time. Love you to infinity and beyond

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