Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life goes on

Well as most of you probably know i'm not really a person who likes change but nonetheless the time came for me to change host families. That was last weekend and a lot of things have happened since then. Last weekend was my second rotex weekend and this time i had a brilliant time. Last time it was the first weeks i was here and i was still pretty tired but this time i was really looking foward to seeing everyone again. Meg, Jess, Kim and I decided we would prepare something for the spectacular during the night and we decided to do a kind of corroboree dance wearing our Australian flags. We discussed this quite a bit because we didn't want to, as Kim so elegantly put it "take the piss", but it was something we wanted to show so eventually we worked it out and did a bit of practice. I think everyone enjoyed it as well. After the spectacular we had a disco in a downstairs room and i even did a bit of dancing which is unusual for me. I met one of the girls going to Brisbane next year and she is really nice...we talked a bit and we've decided i'm going to go visit her in Brisbane next year haha

Our disco ended at about 1am and after that we talked for a bit outside before i decided it was time for bed for me. Next morning was pretty much socialising and we talked to James and Katie two exchange students from the US. We had a good time talking about different things, and trying to teach James an Australian accent.When the weekend finished i went back to my house and collected all my things and changed to my second host family. I'm really happy here as well and i'm enjoying the privacy i get here. While it is a bit more lonely with no other kids things are definitely much more peaceful. I've also spoken much more french in the last week because my new host family don't speak english so i'm also enjoying that.

Tuesday we left for a week away and our first stop was at the house of some friends of Bernard and Jaquie. We stayed at their house for a few days and during that time i had four parents, who mainly took the grandparent role, and called me their "petite fille". During the days we went around Lodeve and saw the lake and some other typical things and at night time i sat and watched them play bridge. It's probably the most confusing card game i've ever seen!! When we left their house i got some huge kisses,a pretty yellow rose from the garden and i was called "adorable" haha i'm so lucky to have met such wonderful people here.

After that we travelled further south for a couple more days at Barcares. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very good with very very string wind but we managed to have a good time anyway. Each day we went to a sheltered beach and we played scrabble in french. Of course i lost quite miserably but i was just happy when i managed to find a word in french out of the letters. At first all i could see were english words but the more i got into the game the easier it was. While we were away i also watched a bit of french tv...I watched CSI (Les Experts in french) and it's a lot more difficult to follow in french but i usually manage because i'm so used to the format of the show.

Well we arrived home this afternoon and it's back to school for me tomorrow. It's Manon's birthday on Wednesday so i'm going to try to find her a present tomorrow and we're going to Narjac on Saturday to celebrate.

My Euro tour is also coming up quickly and i'm really looking foward to seeing everyone again.
missing evreyone

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