Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A weekend in Spain

Well as the heading suggests i spent the weekend in Spain. I had a great but tiring weekend! We stayed at a lovely little hotel not too far from the French border in a place called Bossost. During the days we traveled 30ks to the ski slopes at Baqueira. The rotarians, Claudia and I went for walks in the snow, saw an igloo and did some toboggining with the 6 year old grandaughter of one of the rotarians. The snow was great and Marie-Sarah was so cute..she enjoyed giving me little french lessons and showing me her english, "what is your name?" lol

During the evenings we went to a Tapas bar and talked about lots of random things...i wasn't quite brave enough to try the sangria though. We then had meals at the hotel which were quite good. The second night though i was a bit shocked when an entire fish came out on a plate. The ehad and the tail were still attached and i had no idea how to cut it. It was pretty good though once i worked out how to actually eat it.

Back at school today and i was pretty tired..been feeling a little bit sad today but i'm sure things will be better tomorrow after a good night's sleep. I did end up changing classes and i'm now in 1ère L which is the literature stream. There are only about 7 kids in my class, all girls, and i'm not surprised there arent very many cos it's damn hard work. I now have lots of english and french, spanish, maths, biology, chem and physics, sport and history and geography. I like this class though because i use more french and we also join with another ES class sometimes so i've met heaps of new people. School is a bit boring at the moment though and i especially don't like anglais de spé. We're analysing advertisements and it's a bit too much like english back in Australia for me to enjoy it. The teacher expects me to be an expert and pick up all the symbolism and language techniques in the text etc I never expected to have to do this kind of thing here and i feel so bad for my classmates because they really don't understand the work..i'm starting special french classes soon though so i'm looking foward to improving my french. I'm starting to think in French now and i'm finding that quite exciting..

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