Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some pictures...

Well i have decided to update today just to add some photos...what i've been up to will come later in the week. On Saturday i took some pictures with my host sister Manon and my host brother Aymeric. They're pretty crazy but i'm sure you'll enjoy them...

My host brother with his most prized possession....the wii

My host sister and i...with my host dad in the background

The three kids...i feel sorry for my host parents sometimes...we're pretty crazy as you can see

We make great models eh? Aymeric is wearing my jumper and i'm wearing his old's so small because it's for 10 year olds...i have no idea why he has it cos it's too small for him too

My host sis and i showing you our matching shirts...i've only bought clothes once since i've been here and i managed to unknwowingly buy a shirt that she already just proves that saying great minds think alike...and we think it's pretty cool

Well i think that's all for now...until next time!

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